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10 Good Reasons To Give Your Pet Apple Cider Vinegar

Posted by Darlene McFarlane on 2/28/2013 to Nutrition

10-Good-Reasons-To-Give-Your-Pet-Apple-Cider-Vinegar and so should their by Darlene McFarlane June 17, 2007, in Health

  1. ACV contains vitamins, minerals, and enzymes important for keeping animals healthy.
  2. ACV neutralizes the acid in dogs and cats. Adding apple cider vinegar to their food will help keep those brown tear stains for forming under their eyes and eliminate the brown patches on your lawn by balancing your petís PH.
  3. A solution of half water and half ACV added to the skin after a bath will get rid of fleas. Let the fur air dry and, to be sure fleas donít return add a table spoon of ACV to their drinking water. (4 to 5 cups of water) Adjust amount of vinegar for small animals.
  4. For itchy skin use a solution of half water and half ACV on your petís skin as well as adding it to their drinking water.
  5. For Ringworm, sponge affected areas twice a day with one third water and two thirds ACV.
  6. You can ease the pain of arthritis and stop hot spots by adding ACV to your petís drinking water.
  7. Spray your barn with Apple Cider Vinegar to keep flies away. Also, sprayed on farm animals to keep flies, and other pests away.
  8. A bit of vinegar in their food or drinking water will keep kidney stones from forming especially in cats.
  9. Spray ACV to horses hooves to dry up thrush.
  10. Spray your petís bed and bedding with ACV every few days to keep fleas from moving in and to keep it smelling nice.

Your pet depends on you for itís well being so it is important to remember that small animals such as birds, cats, and small dogs need a lot less ACV than larger animals. Adjust the dose according to your petís size and work them up slowly to the recommended dose. If you are not sure how much ACV to use talk to your animal health professional.

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