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Why do Dogs Hike Their Leg

Posted by Administrator on 3/12/2013 to Health Care

Why Do Dogs Hike Their Leg

Dogs often display some pretty weird behaviors.Such as, a dog twisting themselves into a strange position to go to the bathroom? A male backs up onto a bush or tree to do it's business.  How about a female dog hiking her leg? Why do they do these kinds of things?

Typically, “leg lifting” is related to canine dominance. Dog urine contains compounds called pheromones which essentially mark an item or area as that dog’s “territory.” Dogs which are more dominant tend to urinate higher up or further away on items. Lifting their leg enables a dog to project the urine (and the pheromones) to a place where other dogs can detect them. 

In short, when a dog lifts their leg it’s usually a way of putting up a sign for other dogs that says: “Watch out…this is mine!” And it can even happen on things that already “belong” to your dog…including things in the house. 

Regardless of why they do it, when your dog urinates in the house it is trouble. Most dogs have been trained to urinate outside but every once in a while even the best dog can have an “accident”. Maybe they were left in the house too long, maybe they did not feel good – or maybe they have a medical problem. Some dogs are not completely house trained and urinate indoors regularly. 

Many dog lovers face the same situation: your pet had an accident in the house days ago, but the smell is still there. You've tried sprays and powders but can't seem to get rid of the unpleasant odor. Air fresheners can cover it for a little while but soon it's back as strong as ever. How do you clean out those old, nasty smells and stains? I have tried a lot of different products but Eco-88 is the one product that can really knock out the smell at the source. This product will permanently eliminate the odor and the stain.  You simply spray it on and walk away.  Once this is complete it turns to water. The product is fragrance free.

When pets urinate on carpet, liquid seeps through the top layer and into backing and padding. It's these areas which harbor most of the smelly stuff and are also the hardest to clean. Spray cleaners settle on the top of carpet, eliminating only a portion of the smell. And if dogs can smell urine, they take that as a sign to keep coming back…and marking the same area over and over.

Eco-88 is great for dogs that frequently urinate indoors such as puppies, senior dogs, and those with health conditions. They're also handy during house training and great for the occasional accident. Eco-88 works great on urine, feces, vomit, blood and wine.  Each bottle contains everything you need get rid of the odor - no special soaps or tools required.

Not only is
 Eco-88 great for pet odors, it’s wonderful for others as well. I use it to spray the air after a stinky pet comes into the office, I spray it after I cook fish in the house, and it does wonders for stinky gym shoes and garbage pails. It’s also phenomenal on pet bedding, litter box odors and pet urine odors. 

I hope you like this product as much as I do.

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